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    1. CN

      professional commitment to R&D
      Quality first
      There is nothing wrong with us
      Professional commitment to R&D
      Quality first
      There is nothing wrong with us
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      Dongguan Aixin Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of a full range of audio fiber products, including audio optical sockets, SPDIF, fiber heads, fiber terminals, fiber sockets, optical fiber connectors, optical fiber heads, optical fiber adapters, optical fiber cables, optical apertures, optical selectors, audio optical fiber connectors, audio optical fiber cables, Toslink optical fiber cables, industrial control optical fibers, and side lighting optical fiber

      Company Profile
      Automatic PIN machine
      Foot cutting machine
      Quadratic element
      Fiber optic terminal workshop
      Injection shop
      Salt mist tester
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